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Florence and Tuscany Tours

POLICY Florence and Tuscany Tours



The guided tours, the excursions, the touristic proposals are all offered by the co-operative company Florence and Tuscany Tours: as a travel agency by authorisation of the Province of Florence of the 19.04.2007, code REA FI-563708, C.F. and VAT number 05653400480; they are governed, despite any paragraph to the contrary, by the directive 90/314/CEE and by the Decreto Legislativo 17.3.95 n. 111 enforcing the same directive; they are insured for the risks, maximum coverage and guarantees foreseen by the D.L. 111/95, with a police MONDIAL ASSISTANCE  n.  168035. The company is not responsible for damage caused by third parties or by force majeur and cannot be held responsible for loss of valuable objects or luggage or other items at any point during the tour. All information (text and images) available on the site are the exclusive property of Florence and Tuscany Tours and may not be copied, printed, or handed over to third parties without the previous authorisation by the same company. Florence and Tuscany Tours is not responsible for the content of the links present on the website.


  1. Our tours are conducted by licensed tourist guides. 
  2. All services included in our tours are advertised on our website 
  3. Bookings are accepted subject to the availability of places. 
  4. Prices are valid from the moment that your booking is confirmed. Clients will only receive an invoice over the total amount if they put in a request and have supplied all the fiscal data required under Italian law. 
  5. After confirmation and payment of the booking the client will be sent a voucher to be shown to the guide at the start of the tour. 
  6. Guided visits to museums are subject to the availability of tickets. 
  7. Despite reservations the entry to museums can be delayed during particularly busy periods. Florence and Tuscany Tours cannot be held responsible for such delays. 
  8. The walking tour to the historical centre is free of charge for under fourteen-year olds if in company of an adult. 
  9. Children up to the age of six years have free access to museums; a valid id may be requested at the ticket counter. The only exception is the tour “Walk and bus”, which is free for children up to five years. 
  10. Florence and Tuscany Tours has the right to change the programme of a tour in case of technical difficulties or other reasons beyond our control such as strikes, changes to opening hours, the closing of museums, delays, etc. 
  11. In such cases an alternative programme is proposed and the clients are informed before the start of the tour. The change of the programme does not affect the cost of the tour. 
  12. All advertised tours can be arranged in languages other than English on request; a minimum number of participants is required. 
  13. Should the total cost of the tour rise by more than 10% as a result of new taxes or fees, the price of the ticket will be modified and the clients will be informed in writing. 
  14. The cost of the guided tours does not include lunches, tips, or anything else that is not expressly mentioned as "included in the price".
  15. Any complaint must reach us in writing not more than 10 working days after the tour. Please contact us by e-mail via The legal seat of Florence and Tuscany Tours is Florence; any dispute is settled at the Tribunal of Florence under Italian law.
  16. CANCELLATIONS, FEES, AND REIMBURSEMENTS: All client cancellations must arrive in writing at our e-mail address to be settled as follows: cancellations of bookings for guided visits, excursions, and tourist services as advertised in the catalogue, with the exception of the tour of the Vasari Corridor, which reach us in writing up to 8 days before the date of the tour, will be reimbursed free of charge. If you cancel 8 to 2 days before the date of the guided visits, excursions, and tourist services as advertised in the catalogue, with the exception of the tour of the Vasari Corridor, we charge you 10% of the total fee. In the case of any later cancellation of your guided visits, excursions, and tourist services as advertised in the catalogue, with the exception of the tour of the Vasari Corridor, you are liable for the entire amount paid and will not be reimbursed. As regards the visit to the Vasari Corridor, bookings cancelled up to 15 days before the date of the tour will be completely reimbursed. No reimbursement will be given for cancellations that reach us 14 days or less before the date of the tour. Clients arriving late will not be reimbursed for the missed visit, nor will a client who gets separated from the group during the visit or who does not complete the visit. In case of cancellation of a tour by Florence and Tuscany Tours for reasons of force majeur, clients will only be reimbursed for the amount paid for the tour. Florence and Tuscany Tours is not responsible for any additional costs in connection with the reimbursement.


The same terms and conditions apply with the exception of paragraph 17, substituted by 18, and with the addition of paragraph 19, as follows: cancellations received via at least 30 days before the date of the tour will be reimbursed with a penalty of a 10% non refundable handling fee. A fee of 25% of the total amount is applicable if the cancellation is received via e-mail between the 29th and 15thday before the date of the tour. No reimbursement will be paid in cases of cancellations received less than 15 days before the date of the tour. If the booking is not paid within the deadline stated in the confirmation of the tour, Florence and Tuscany Tours has the right to cancel the booking without any further notification to the client.


On-line reservation is allowed for a maximum of 25 persons. For groups of more than 25 persons please send an email Important: reservation must be made with a minimum of 1 working day notice. Your order will be processed by FlorenceandTuscanyTours according to your flexibility. If FlorenceandTuscanyTours is not able to confirm the date or the time you request, you will be offered an alternative date or time. FlorenceandTuscanyTours will then immediately proceed with full refund of the total amount in the event of non-acceptance. After your reservation, our automatic system will send you two different emails: the first is the copy of the booking order and the second will include the confirmation voucher, the booking code and all further detailed information. Please note, you will be asked to show an I.D. at the museum entrance.

Cancellation Policy: In case of cancellation, please send us an email to If the cancellation is made at least 30 days before the date of the visit, the cancellation penalty is € 8.50 for each ticket. For cancellation made less than 30 days before the date of the visit the cancellation penalty is 100%. Other important information: Please make sure you insert your e-mail address correctly in the reservation form and check that your anti-spam filter or antivirus are not blocking e-mails from our address In case you do not receive any communication from FlorenceandTuscanyTours within 48 hours, please contact us immediately at the e-mail FlorenceandTuscanyTours guarantees to answer your request within 48 hours, but cannot be responsible for the correct functioning of your e-mail address or mistakes made by you during booking.


Florence and Tuscany Tours is the principal tour operator specialised in guided tours for tourists. Its premises are in the historical city centre near the Uffizi Gallery. Our agency is able to offer a wide choice of services at the highest quality. Florence and Tuscany Tours, the owners, the agents, the assistants, the members and employees cannot be held responsible for damage to people or objects, loss or delays, change of itinerary nor for for injuries, death, damages, loss or delays caused by any kind of transport or for any other reason, for example as a result of terrorist attacks, broken down vehicles, industrial action, theft, which are beyond the control of Florence and Tuscany Tours or any of the owners, the agents, the assistants, the members and employees, or suppliers.

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