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€ 147

2 days private tour in the Valtiberina toscana: the art of Piero della Francesca, hiking, crafts and food and wine



A unique opportunity to get in touch, in a entirely new way, with Florence, to live an unrepeatable and multi-sensory experience.  A trip in a different city, not as known and celebrated but not less intriguing and fascinating, a time travel starting from the origin of the roman city, a travel in the taste, with food and wine in some of the most astonishing and interesting areas of the city.

Day 1 - Morning

Possibility to visit the medieval town of Anghiari and a guided tour of the Palazzo della Battaglia Museum.

….The places of the Battle of Anghiari
Leonardo da Vinci painted it and made it immortal, but History gave it to us as the main character of World's Art. Anghiari and its places: unchanged landscape from 1440, living presence of Renaissance, today. The visit is an endless leap in History, looking for its traces in the landscape, in the manufacture, in Anghiari’s walls.

Afterwards, in Monterchi, visit to the museum that houses the fresco of the Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca with a small presentation of the work by a guide.

Day 1 - Afternoon

We will move about 10 km from the town of Anghiari for a guided visit to the Nature Reserve of Monti Rognosi, one of the rare examples of national ophiolite areas. The activities may differ depending on the time of the year, and the interests of the visitors. For example: search of wild herbs, chestnuts, mushrooms or truffles along with a truffle hunter and dog experts; following the footsteps of St. Francis; human traces: via Ariminensis, the ironworks, Castle Montauto, the coterie of Montauto.

Pick it up and cook it!

The Appennino mountains are a region rich in delicious fruits which you can collect while walking in the woods. After a necessary introduction by an nature guide, you will be able to pick up the right fruit according to the season: herbs, chestnuts, mushrooms or accompany the truffle hunters and their dogs to learn their secrets. In addition to this activity you could attend a cooking workshop, even individually. The kitchen is an ideal environment to stimulate creativity, communication, cooperation and management of time and resources in a workgroup. Cooking and eating together creates a sort of ""camaraderie"" that breaks down barriers and creates the foundation for a stronger friendship between individuals.

Dinner in a typical restaurant with genuine seasonal ingredients. Overnight stay at Locanda del Viandante in Anghiari (near the Nature Reserve of Monti Rognosi): the structure is a tourist complex obtained from the restoration of 19th century Tuscan farmhouses.

Day 2 - Morning

Possibility to visit the Renaissance town of Sansepolcro and its Civic Museum (which preserves four works by Piero della Francesca).

Day 2 - Afternoon

Possibility to visit some producers of the Tiber Valley (crafts, food and wine) and food and wine tasting at the Strada dei Sapori of the Tiber Valley. Some examples: fine linen factory, wicker basket production, cheese factory, oil extraction mill, etc.



on request


on request


2 days


Price per person € 147
(price based on 4 participants)

PRICE INCLUDES: guided tour of the Palazzo della Battaglia in Anghiari; guided tour of the Museo della Madonna del Parto in Monterchi; half day guided tour of the Riserva dei Monti Rognosi with a nature guide; entrance fee for the Museo Civico in San Sepolcro; 1 Food and Wine tasting; 1 Overnight stay in apartment for

THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDEguide service where not specified (it is possible to quote it on request); transfers (it is possible to quote them on request), tips and extras; anything else that is not expressly mentioned as “price includes”.


FOR INFO AND RESERVATIONS: info@florenceandtuscanytours.com or call +39 055 210301.

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